Mental health stigma affects us all


I recently did another podcast with Bernie and Marly. We spoke about how mental health affects us all, and the stigma that surrounds mental health.

I am a firm believer we all fall somewhere on a continuum when it comes to confidence, individual needs, our contentment with our lives….as well as anxiety, depression, self esteem, etc. These issues do not exist only in the “other.” They are within all of us.

I wanted this episode to really demonstrate that we all experience problems on occasion, have issues coping with our lives sometimes, and many of us meet criteria for diagnosed mental health disorders. None of this should be scary or foreboding. Mental health and the words we use to describe it are just that. Words. Descriptions. Our current state of mind is what really matters, and it is up to us to truly take care of that!

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Bernie And Marly · Social Media Depression With Hannah Hernandez