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Do you feel like you’re living your life going through the motions?

You often feel out of place and unsure. You’ve been driven your whole life, but never taken a chance to think about what you really want and who you really are. You don’t know yourself and, if you are being honest, don’t really trust yourself either. 

While you might have an instagram worthy partner, home, kids and career, you don’t enjoy any of it fully. 

You wish you understood why you do certain things (like pushing people away, losing your temper, and feeling overwhelmed by “little” things), and have a sneaking feeling there are deeper issues you need to address. 

Hi, I’m Hannah. You are in the right place.

Together we will figure out what you need and why. I believe our connection is essential, so being authentic is crucial. 

I may swear once in a while or make the odd crass or sarcastic joke. It’s also possible our conversation will stray for a minute or two when you share about a recent podcast episode or celebrity engagement/divorce/baby (I’m excited too!).

Our relationship will develop over time and will set in motion your potential for insight and challenging inner work. We will jump start your ability to change and develop skills to navigate your emotions and relationships. I can’t wait! 

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Traumatic experiences can change the course of a persons’ life, but don’t have to change or define who you are. Here, you have a comfortable space to process trauma wounds and find yourself via specialized trauma therapy for women.

therapy for women

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Anxiety creates a life riddled with irritability and difficulty relaxing. Constant worry and overwhelm is not only mentally exhausting, it’s physically exhausting too! I will help you rewire your brain and body to find peace.

Life Transitions

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A woman’s life is all about change. Careers, relationships, friends and family are always in flux. I will help you move through the changes, transitions and the general chaos that life throws your way.

therapy for women

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What therapy with me IS:

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Online trauma therapy for women;
Early appointments available!

Specialized therapy for women, available online throughout MN & CA!

In addition to the ability to schedule online, I am also offering early morning sessions, as the busy professionals, moms, fellow healers and other women I have worked with, often sacrifice their own mental health due to scheduling. Personal therapy for women is important to me! Moreover, teletherapy is still very personal, (I was even worried initially!), and more accessible than ever.