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EMDR Therapy for women

Your past doesn’t have to get in the way of your present

Trust, connection, contentment, peace. These words seem so far out of reach. The pressures of everyday life fill you with constant overwhelm, relationships feel distant and stressful, and your energy reserves have been depleted.  You can hold it together and make it through the day, but by the time you get home you are exhausted. Cooking, dinner, socialization, and parenting seem like impossible tasks.

 Your emotions are a rollercoaster that you can’t keep up with, and you end up losing closeness and intimacy with the ones you love the most. It feels like you can’t win.

You aren’t alone in feeling this. Your past wounds take away your sense of safety and your trust in not only yourself, but in the world around you. Those wounds make feeling vulnerable unbearable, which in turn has affected all the relationships in your life. When you think about the poor sleep, difficulty concentrating and irritability you have had, you realize your past is actually affecting everything: your job, friends, family and leisure time.

You want to feel like you fit into your own life

Imagine waking up tomorrow feeling rested and ready to take on the day. 

You feel confident and excited about the challenges ahead, knowing you will succeed. You value yourself, your time and your needs. You’ve reconnected with your closest friends and feel a strong bond with your kids and partner. While you don’t feel overjoyed to go to work in the morning, you also no longer feel dread at the thought. You have started singing in the car and the shower, laughing until your belly hurts, and playing with your dog again. Trauma therapy has changed your life.

I help women who are struggling with their past traumas to take hold of their lives, make peace with their past, and look forward to their futures. Using various methods, we will create safety, calm and connection. You will learn ways to cope, communicate and gain insight. When you are ready, we will dive deeper, uncovering and processing those old wounds to help them heal.

What is EMDR therapy?

EMDR Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on the brain’s natural ability to heal. Trauma affects not only our minds, but also our bodies.  When we endure trauma, our brains and bodies often get stuck processing the experience. EMDR bridges the mind and body experience. You are able to leave sessions being freed of the hold that past experiences have had over your mind and body. You are able to walk away feeling lighter, free, and at peace.

We will get into additional specifics during our sessions, however I will give a brief overview of what to expect during your EMDR therapy. The process ncludes using alternating eye movements from side to side (or hands tapping, or sounds) and concentrating on a difficult memory. We break in between these “sets” to check in and further process. You’ll find this process gradually lessens the intensity of the memory for you. 

Trauma therapy can help you:

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Find freedom from your past


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I do EMDR therapy online?

A: Absolutely! As long as we can form a connection, (both personal and internet), we can make EMDR therapy work online. I use a system that displays eye movements and creates bilateral sounds. My clients say it is sometimes even more comfortable, since they are at home!

Q: How does EMDR therapy Work?

A: EMDR therapy uses bilateral (both sides of body) eye movements, sounds or touch to engage your entire brain and body together to process trauma. EMDR therapy relies on adaptive processes your brain already has, and helps those processes along. You can get to the point where trauma becomes less emotionally taxing and you do not feel negative body sensations once associated with trauma.

Q. Is EMDR therapy the only way to heal from my past?

A: There are so many things we can do to help you move forward. Many of my clients love EMDR therapy, while some clients prefer to talk about their trauma, while still others prefer to process it through art or writing. We will work within whatever you feel comfortable.

Our initial sessions will look very similar, regardless of what direction we choose. You will learn how to regulate your emotions, how to prioritize yourself and assert boundaries, and gain insights related to your attachment. We will decide when you are ready to process the past together, and only when you are ready.

Q: Is EMDR therapy hypnotism?

A: Nope! EMDR Therapy utilizes your brain’s natural desire to heal, and brings your brain and body together to process the traumas you have experienced. Your brain WANTS to heal, EMDR Therapy supports it in doing so.

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If you still have questions…

This video is incredibly helpful at explaining in further detail how EMDR therapy works and what to expect.