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Anxiety doesn’t have to be your “normal”

You’ve always felt like you were  “extra sensitive.” You’ve been told you hold on to your emotions for too long, and you constantly replay conversations, texts and emails in your mind. Your anxiety has created a hamster wheel of worry, and your brain never tires. You’ve lost countless nights of sleep, feel exhausted during the day, and feel insecure.

Your anxiety has probably bled into your work life, family life and social life. You often worry you did something wrong or upset someone, and feel self conscious because you struggle to concentrate at work and in conversations. Life can feel like a mess, and you are ready to clean up. You used to think all of this was just part of life, but you’ve started to realize there may be more to it than you thought.

I can help you make sense of a brain that won’t stop

Feeling satisfied, connected and safe is within your reach. With anxiety therapy you will find ways to quiet the inner storm, learn to relax, and rid yourself of constant tension. You will find you can concentrate better at work, worry less in your relationships and sleep better at night. You will be able to feel at ease knowing you have the tools to handle anything life throws at you (and even when your kids are actually throwing things at you…..).

I help women who are experiencing anxiety, find contentment, security and safety. Using DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy), CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and other methods, I will teach you how to cope in the moment, how to make it through (and stop) panic attacks, and how to feel secure in relationships and employment.

You will unpack the root causes of your anxiety and learn how to understand and communicate your needs.  Finally, you will be able to relish in experiencing your surroundings with a newfound sense of confidence and determination.

With anxiety therapy you will…







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Together, let’s discover the bold, confident woman that’s already within you

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Frequently Asked Questions

about anxiety therapy

Q. How does anxiety therapy work?

A. You will learn new tools to cope, different ways to think, and gain perspective and insight into your life, past, needs and goals. Combining these things with action creates the life changes you are working toward.

Q. How do I know I need anxiety therapy?

A. Everyone may worry from time to time. However, if anxiety and worry are keeping you up at night or impacting your ability to concentrate, complete tasks, and enjoy relationships to the fullest, you may benefit from anxiety therapy.

Q. Where does anxiety come from?

A. Everyone has a different core reason for their anxiety-maybe it is social media, society expectations, stigma, past traumas…etc. One thing anxiety has in common in everyone is a nervous system response. When it is in overdrive, you feel worse. By addressing both the core issue and the body response, we can change your life!

Q. Is anxiety therapy available online?

A. Absolutely! Via live video and audio, we will connect in much the same way we would have if we were in an office. I can usually still observe small changes in your posture, etc. that create a better assessment and therapy experience. Sometimes, it is easier to have anxiety therapy online due to scheduling or social anxiety

Q. What are five treatments for anxiety?

A. 1-Psychoeducation-learning about anxiety and how it impacts your thoughts, body and nervou system. 2-Breathing techniques and coping skills (square breathing, 4-7-8 breathing, visualization, meditation,etc.) 3-cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety (changing your thoughts) 4-Building self esteem and assertive communication 5-Dialectical behavioral therapy for anxiety (coping skills for how to manage anxiety in the moment).

Q. Are you going to make me meditate?

A. I love meditation! That being said, I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve. If meditating isn’t your thing, we will definitely find something that is! Moreover, meditation alone will not cure your anxiety. It takes a holistic approach and a lot of work.