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Does it feel like your life is spinning out of control?

Life has thrown a few curve balls recently. Just when you feel like you’ve been through everything, something new comes up. Your relationship is on the rocks, your family is at each other’s necks and your kids are getting in trouble at school. The neverending change, adapt, change cycle has you exhausted, both mentally and physically. A life that felt put together has left you treading water.

Whether you are experiencing divorce, a breakup, loss of family or friends, job transitions, or changing family dynamics, you have realized that you are irritable, overwhelmed, and haven’t slept well recently. 

You are ready to meet life head on, and I’m ready to help

Internally you are feeling a rollercoaster of emotions, and it has ended up affecting your relationship, work and peace of mind. Concentration is worse, patience is low, and irritability is high. You can’t sleep, can’t relax, and feel numb. You know something has to change, but nothing you’ve done so far has worked.

In therapy for life transitions, you might initially feel lost, confused and unsure. I am here to help you find your way through the confusion, emotional roller coaster, and big decisions. Changes might start small. You snap at your kids or coworkers less. Then, you realize you are getting decent sleep most nights. Finally, you find that you breathe…truly breathe. Not the shallow, empty breath you have been used to, but the deep, relaxing kind of breath that nourishes your soul. You still hurt. The emotional pain hasn’t disappeared. However, you have learned to cope in the moment, maintain your relationships, and take care of yourself again.

You have the ability to withstand these challenges and be true to your values.

Moreover, you can find confidence to thrive, and continue to move toward your life goals. And the best part is you finally trust yourself to make it through anything. Being stuck is not an endless. You’ll find that you can hurt or be uncomfortable, and still live. 

Relationships ebb and flow, there is pain, hurt, anger and sadness. There is also joy, laughter and peace.

friendship connection life transitions therapy

I am here to help you find your way through the confusion, emotional roller coaster, and big decisions.

If you felt like you could handle what was coming your way, what would change? Would your relationships be a bit more relaxed? Could you sleep better? Is it possible you’d have more energy?

I support women going through various life transitions and who want to change what that looks like for them. Moreover, I help them learn to trust themselves by connecting to their support system & inner self, and by addressing negative inner dialogue and self defeating behaviors like isolation and lack of self care. We will connect on a level that creates safety and empowers you to be vulnerable and honest with yourself.

I will teach you coping skills and guide you through difficult decisions and experiences. Life transitions can be challenging! In life transitions therapy, together we will re-create what you envision you are capable of, and reinforce confidence and ambition .Together we will learn coping skills, gain insights and find direction. You will uncover the energetic, successful woman you were meant to be.





Life transitions therapy can help you…




You don’t have to keep doing this alone

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Q. What are major “life transitions?”

A: Any change that comes with life could be a life transition. Marriage, divorce, childbirth, moving, changing careers, family strife, loss…the list goes on and on!

Q: How can therapy help me with life transitions?

A: We will focus on increasing the ways you have to cope, solidifying your support system, and learning more about who you are. You will build confidence and find direction, which will help you navigate all life’s changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you survive a life transition?

A: Ask for help, Plan, Understand, Accept, Adapt, Learn, and Grow

Q. Can’t my favorite podcast/self help book get me through this life transition?

A. If you are reading this, it hasn’t been enough. It’s okay to need support through life transitions, and while it can be difficult, it is vulnerable and courageous to ask for help. I’m ready to be there for you!

Life transitions I commonly work with: