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Hannah Hernandez, LCSW, LICSW, C-DBT, CCTS-I

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You want to be seen and heard; I’m ready to listen

You are likely here because your life is unfulfilling, you’re burdened by your past, or just pure chaos, and you are ready to live for now. As an online trauma therapist, I treat you as an expert in your own life, and value your experiences as a strength. There will be no stuffy office space, long couch, or judgy eyes, promise! 

I rely heavily on creating a healing relationship between us before anything else. Once we have done that, everything else we do will be that much more effective. You can count on me to be supportive, sympathetic, understanding and non judgemental.  In the same way,  you can also count on me to challenge you when needed. There will be laughter, tears, difficult conversations and insightful moments. 

I value being a trauma therapist that is as informal, authentic and honest as possible. I’m professional in that I have the knowledge and skills to help you, however also laid back and down to earth. At Thrive, I specialize in working with women who are ambitious and driven, but struggle feeling complete.

You should feel completely comfortable being authentically YOU in therapy

The pretty journals from Amazon don’t get opened, and all the gym days in the world have yet to change that nagging feeling that something is still missing. You are busy, and when you dedicate time to something, it had better count. That is where I come in. I am the trauma therapist that will call you on your BS (aka: lies to yourself), sympathize with you when you’re stuck, and encourage you when you want to quit. 

Honestly, I can appreciate how hectic, rewarding, isolating and challenging life can be. I deployed to Iraq at 19, and had experienced isolation, marriage, fear and divorce by 30. Now, I have two crazy kiddos who both blow me away me and drive me nuts, and an amazing blended family that has taught me patience, love and priceless lessons on inequality and injustice. 

Client’s describe me as a trauma therapist that is intuitive, non-judgemental, honest and compassionate. They know I can relate and “get it,” when they bare their souls. Above all, they are confident I can connect their experiences, feelings and urges to something that brings new awareness and insights.

Hannah, trauma therapist

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My guiding principles


I will not pretend to be an expert on your life, and will sometimes show up in sweats. I’ll always be your cheerleader!


You are not your experience. While you may experience triggers/depression/anxiety/confusion, etc., YOU are not defined by that experience. I value you as a whole person apart from your struggles.


Everyone can heal here. I value diversity within the human experience and look forward to hearing yours. I’m an advocate for disenfranchised people within the BIPOC community, LGBTQI+ community, and people of all ages, & abilities.


You’ll be challenged. Just as much as therapy is a place for letting off steam, it is a place for vulnerability, self exploration, insight, and hard work.

My Methods


Helps you identify and replace unhealthy and negative thoughts and develop new, more effective ways to experience the world.


A trauma therapy that bridges your body and brain’s stored trauma, and brings them together in a way that makes sense AND releases the emotional hold trauma has over you.


Great precursor to trauma therapy, and supplement to all therapy, that teaches coping skills and introduces a new way to face challenging emotions and experiences. 

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I specialize working with women experiencing trauma, anxiety and general life chaos.

Hannah Hernandez