Frequently asked therapy questions

Here, you’ll find a list of my most commonly asked questions about therapy. If you have any others, please feel free to contct me, or make a consultation appointment.

Schedule Free Consultation

This depends on your goals, needs, finances, and more. I generally recommend to start out weekly, unless there are cirumstances that prevent it.

Monday through Thursday, 6am (PST) – 3pm (PST)

This depends on you, what you respond to, and what your goals are. I definitely have assigned homework, so it’s a possibility.

I see client’s 17years old and up.

Sometimes…If you are using out of network benefits, you will pay up front, and your insurance company will reimberse whatever is contracted, directly to you. If you are using UHC as an in network provider, then your insurance will pay whatever your plan dictates. That being said, it is necesary to have a diagnosis that is covered to use your benefits. 

It is up to you whether you want to sign releases (allowing me to share information) in regards to your legal issues. If you need a letter stating that you are in therapy, I can do so for an additional fee, but the information I will share is limited.

I do not assist with disability at this time.

I will never share your information or what you talk about in session with anyone else unless you have specifically requested it or I am legally required to do so.

There are circumstances where therapists are legally required to break confidentiality:

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