Hannah Hernandez

Hannah Hernandez

Covid-19 and Mental Health

Whether we know someone who got sick, lost our job, or can’t eat at our favorite restaurant, it has affected each of us! Change is always difficult to manage, especially when it is on a global scale. 
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Covid-19 and mental health; How to Survive!

We have all felt an extraordinary amount of stress the last several months.

Our children are no exception. They have watched masks become the norm. Had to abruptly (in many cases) stop going to school. They saw their friends less, or not at all. They also have had to deal with increasingly irritable parents and confused adults in general. Covid-19 has changed our world and affected our mental health!

Keep reading for few things to keep in mind when your child goes back to school, no matter what that may or may not look like this year:

  • They can feel our stress. Take care of yourself (check out my journaling blog for motivation) so you can take care of them.
  • Ask them how they feel about life and their school situation (they may be less bothered about it than us!)
  • Make a conscious decision to change your perspective. It will change theirs as well!
  • Make the best out of the situation. If they are in school but have to wear masks, have fun making one together, or order them a special mask. If they are at home, make a special space for them to complete their schoolwork every day.
  • Take time each day to connect with them. Ask them how their day was. Truly listen to their response.

Most importantly, keep in mind that our children feel and see far more than we give them credit for.

covid-19 and mental health

If we are angry and having difficulty adapting, they will learn from us. If we have pulled away and isolated, they will likely do so as well. Kids  can also take on more than we realize. Bring them into the conversation in age appropriate ways. Discuss with them the challenges they are facing (and maybe be vulnerable and add how covid-19 has affected your mental health too). Encourage them to have a voice in these difficult times, and provide them a space to use it. Good luck!



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