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Bringing People Together

Communication and disagreement, distance (both physical and mental), and everyday stressors can make navigating any relationship difficult. Daily interactions can be put on auto-pilot and intimacy can be lost. In fact, the top reasons for seeking couples therapy from me have been poor communication and lack of intimacy. You are not alone in your struggles!

Couples therapy helps strengthen connection, bridge communication and strengthen bonds. With a variety of interventions, I will support you in exploring your relationship with each other. Common areas of focus are deeper and more meaningful connection, effective communication skills, conflict resolution, boundary setting, intimacy, and understanding each others’ needs.

Assessment and Goal Setting

During early sessions, we will explore your family system. We will look at ways in which you connect with each other and the outside world. We will explore how you communicate with each other. I will also assess the history of your relationship, including the good times and the bad. With this information, we will identify your needs, wants, and treatment plan goals. Setting these goals is essential in your treatment. Don’t worry- you don’t need to know exactly what your needs are right away. That is what the early sessions are for!

The goals that you decide upon may to understand each other, improve communication, re-create intimacy, or others. These goals will set the tone for future sessions, and give a framework through which we can work together to move forward.  In future sessions, and in line with your goals, we will practice communication skills, conflict resolution, and other essential building blocks to healthy relationships.  I will assign “homework” as a way to integrate what is learned in sessions, into your daily life.

What's Next...?

While not all couples therapy leads to continued partnership, all couples therapy CAN lead to moving forward in a positive direction. Seeking couples therapy is an empowering way to take control of your future. You are in charge of making the decision to change; I look forward to being the vehicle leading you toward that change.