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So, you are thinking about Counseling...

Making the decision to begin therapy can be difficult. How will you know you can trust the therapist? Will you get better? Is there homework? Are you a lost cause?

These are all common questions and fears.  I cannot guarantee you’ll feel better (and if we are doing intense work, you may feel worse initially!). However, if you “vote with your feet,” by making an appointment, its likely you are on your way to mental wellness. Our focus will initially be getting to know each other. Building the therapeutic relationship is half of what we need to move forward. I will devote the first few sessions to understanding your needs, your experiences and your history. We will develop goals based on what you want to get out of therapy.  In later sessions, we will work on the goals you set. Whether that looks like reducing anxiety, working through trauma, or having an ear to vent and be heard. I will use interventions tailored to your needs and individual goals.

In the previous paragraph, I mentioned the first half of moving forward is building the therapeutic relationship. The other half is truly believing you CAN and WILL obtain your goals for mental wellness. YOU need to believe. I already believe in you, and we haven’t met yet!

You don't have to keep pretending everything is okay...

I believe that through our therapeutic relationship, lives can be transformed. I utilize a variety of interventions, specifically tailored to what your needs are, in order to support forward movement in your life. These will help you find  hope, increase your ability to cope, find meaning, and increase your feelings of connection and purpose. I am EMDR and DBT trained, but also often utilize narrative, solution focused and client centered therapies. 

For information on what your first therapy session might  look like visit the Your First Session page. You can also look at our FAQ page for common questions I receive regarding therapy. If you would like to speak with me directly, you can call me at (951)468-9847.