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Congratulations! You are on Your way to Becoming a Licensed Therapist.

Supervision Fees

1 hour: $100

2 hours: $175

In clinical supervision, the goal is to increase the supervisee’s knowledge, skills, competency and behaviors within their profession. Supervisors also take on potential liability for their supervisees. 

If you have questions about the requirements needed prior to licensure, you can visit the California Board of Behavioral Sciences website. They will explain how many hours are needed, what is appropriate supervision and how many hours and weeks you are required. I highly recommend TrackYourHours as a way to log and keep track of the hours you have accumulated, and what you have left. 

In my quest to obtain licensure as an LCSW, I realized that quality supervision was difficult to find. I was, and am, resolved to offer competent, thought provoking supervision that is focused on the therapeutic process. In addition, also exploring transference and counter transference, interventions, how to hone in on therapeutic modality, self care, and personal and professional development and growth. I have been licensed for almost four years, and have completed all required CEU’s for Clinical Superviors in California. I look forward to working with you!

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